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Anyone seeking a driving test must first pass a driving theory test and undertake a minimum of 12 driving lessons before they can do a driving test. Make road safety module mandatory for TY students – Senator Waiting list for driver theory tests could be eliminated, claims FF Senator Diarmuid Wilson Anyone seeking a driving test must first pass a driving theory test and undertake a minimum of 12 driving lessons before they can do a driving test. Your Web Browser may be out of date. If you are using Internet Explorer 9, 10 or 11 our Audio player will not work properly. For a better experience use Google Chrome , Firefox or Microsoft Edge . Lengthy waiting lists for the driving theory test could be eliminated if the road safety module offered to secondary schools becomes mandatory for transition year students, it has been claimed. There are more than 100,000 people waiting on the theory test, according to Fianna Fáil Senator Diarmuid Wilson. He suggested that if every transition year class was taught the module designed by the National Council for Curriculum Assessment in conjunction with the Road Safety Authority , schools could become designated driving theory test centres. “There’s no reason the Department of Education and the RSA can’t co-operate. And that would cut most of the waiting list because the majority of the list are young people.” Anyone seeking a driving test must first pass a driving theory test and undertake a minimum of 12 driving lessons before they can do a driving test. New network of 1,300 speed camera zones comes into force Mr Wilson spent nearly 30 years as the manager of the youth reach training centre in Cavan for early school leavers. “When the theory test came into being, we started doing a module on road safety and we got the training disc from the Road Safety Authority. You can practise the theory test and when the young people went to do their test, there was almost a 100 per cent success rate.” He said there had been a very low uptake of the module offered to schools even though 70 per cent of students undertake transition year. When he raised the issue in the Seanad, Minister of State for Education Josepha Madigan said there were “no plans to introduce mandatory driver education classes at post-primary level”. But she noted the optional transition year programme included comprehensive road safety education and provided for visiting speakers, trips out of school, projects and case studies. “Relevant driver theory test learning is included at the end of each module,” she added. The RSA declined to comment when asked about the proposal to makes its programme mandatory for transition year students. It also did not provide an overall figure of the number of people waiting for a driving theory test. “During the seven weeks up to 19th July, 55,570 theory tests were scheduled to take place across both the test centres and online testing service; 42,912 tests were taken and, out of those, 33,359 passed. It is worth noting that one in six candidates are failing to show up for their driver theory test.” The authority also said it “reopened its full network of 40 test centres with a maximum monthly capacity of 25,000 tests initially, with volumes permitted to increase to 50,000 in time as public health guidance allows”. “The RSA also recently extended its pilot scheme for online driver theory testing to cars and bikes and up to 10,000 such tests are now available each month.”

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Supply chain issues causing ‘unprecedented’ non-recession inventory slump: JPM The current national bout of low inventory represents an "unprecedented non-recessionary inventory collapse" for the last 20 years, a new report by JPMorgan found. “While non-manufacturing activity is now tracking a strong and steady recovery, the goods-producing sector has been buffeted by supply constraints alongside continued boomy gains in final demand,” the report noted. “The result has been a slump in inventories that, over the past two decades at least, looks to be unprecedented outside of a recession.” Supply has faced a number of challenges this year, including shortages in labor and raw materials. The semiconductor chip shortage, which affected an estimated 169 industries , was particularly devastating to the automotive and technology industries. “There is little doubt that the main culprits for the stunning collapse in inventories over the past quarter are the supply bottlenecks that have limited factories from getting product to market,” the report said. “From shortages in semiconductor chips that [have] rippled throughout the goods-producing sector to raw commodity inputs into construction, the surge in demand has caught industry flat-footed.” “What used to take us six weeks to get a container from Asia into the U.S. or Europe now takes 10 weeks.”Corsair CEO and Founder Andy Paul The report, authored by JPMorgan Global Economist Joseph Lupton, explores the changes in the inventory and manufacturing sectors. Data analyzed in the report suggest inventory dropped further than expected. “The latest data show the inventory correction slumped far more than we had expected last quarter and now poses more upside to 2H21 growth,” the report said. “What used to take us six weeks to get a container from Asia into the U.S. or Europe now takes 10 weeks,” Corsair CEO & Founder Andy Paul said regarding supply chain bottlenecks. “It doesn’t really affect the overall business that much — just gives us a couple of short-term hiccups.” Stunted growth emerging from issues within the supply chain have not adversely affected final demand, which has seen an increase in Q2. “Despite the deceleration in manufacturing, final demand for goods continued to charge forward at a rapid pace,” the report noted. “Buoyed by a surge in consumer retail sales in March and April, and coupled with steady, ongoing double-digit gains in business equipment spending, global final demand for goods looks to have surged last quarter.” Ihsaan Fanusie is a writer at Yahoo Finance. Follow him on Twitter @IFanusie .